• MEASURABLE MARKETING - The 5 tactics I have used to generate Million$ in new revenue.  100% Measurable Marketing!

  • WHY-DENTITY - How the best are building brands that last, blueprints included. (2 hrs + option 1 hr. workshop)

  • SUPPLY CHAIN NEGOTIATION - The secrets distributors don't want you to know. (2 hrs + option 1 hr. workshop) 

  • THE REAL STORY ON MENU ENGINEERING - The Art & Science of persuasion, profit and personality in menus.

  • THE MILLENNIAL DILEMA - Embracing the drivers or sink with the divers!

  • THE LOYALTY ALGORYTHM- Understanding the "Customer Journey" and how to get them to beg for more.

  • 10X YOUR RESTAURANT - Profit, Performance and productivity.  The secrets to 10 times greater results!

  • UN-FORKING YOUR BUSINESS - The Purpose of Process and the biggest mistakes you are bound to make.

As a Certified Profesional Coach and member of the National Speakers Association,   I'd be delighted to speak with you and your team about your needs for an upcoming event.  

Our engagements are fully customizable, dynamic and interactive with content that is relevant, humorous, insightful and entertaining.  Refer to the list below for some existing topics or feel free to schedule a collaborations session to build a custom engagement..  

We offer custom and combination presentations based on your group and your specific needs.  

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Bo Bryant

​  BO BRYANT  "The Restaurant Giant"

Engagement Opportunities:

  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Industry Workshops
  • Team Building Events
  • Multi-day Co-Op/Summits
  • Culinary Demonstrations
  • ​Training Engagements