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"You can't impact what you don't measure!" 

All consultants are not the same.  Without a system based on industry metrics and best practice, a singular focused consultancy runs the risk of compromising your business-balance ecosystem.  Fixing one thing without consideration of how that will effect everything else is very risky.  

Without measurements, comprehensive metrics, analytics and investigative processes, traditional consultants create a self-fulfilling process whereby the impact of their efforts may work while they are present, in your organization, but as soon as they leave things start to fall apart.  Thus, prompting you to hire them back or hire someone else.  These one-dimensional practices are underdeveloped, unsophisticated and quite frankly they are risk.  Buyer beware.

Before consulting make sure you understand how your potential investment is measured, how it performs and what the consultancy process looks like.  Any great consultancy should also offer references along with contact information from previous, similar types of clients.